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Student Paper Writing

High Impact Tutoring

The High Impact Tutoring program helps students build a solid foundation in math and science. We collaborate with junior high school teachers in the Santa Barbara area to place tutors in the classroom. We target the students who may not have the resource from home to support them academically, and we work closely with teachers to customize the support, track students' progress, and provide feedback to ensure the best outcome.  


Math Tutorial Mentors

Math Tutorials are a collaborative environment in which students use the inquiry process and Socratic dialogue to address Points of Confusion from their content classes in order to come to a more complete understanding of what they are learning. We provide mentors to lead the Math Tutorials while supervised by teachers. Through this process, students practice public speaking, asking questions using academic vocabulary, taking notes, analyzing the process of each question, and writing reflections about their learning.

One-On-One Tutoring 

We collaborate with schools to integrate our tutoring program with schools' Multi-Tier-System of Support (MTSS), focusing on tier-2 support. The teachers identify students who need one-on-one support, and our tutors work closely with the students to complete their assignments and prepare for tests. 


Engage, Encourage, Empower

While the High Impact Tutoring Program focuses on academic growth in math and science, the essential element is to ensure that the students can and are willing to engage with the tutors. Throughout the year, we brought different projects (STEAM build, logic challenges, etc. ) to engage with students. These projects provide alternative ways for our tutors to engage with students and help them develop critical thinking skills.  

What Teachers said...

"Vicki and her tutors have provided essential support to students over the past several months. Before any tutors began with students, VIcki was clear and cohesive in her email and phone communications to make sure that both groups — tutors and students — were well-prepared. We discussed the intention for tutoring, as well as factors for making sure the sessions were productive and efficient. During tutoring sessions, Vicki and her tutors were patient, encouraging, deeply knowledgeable, and professional. Students reported enjoying the sessions and getting the support they needed to complete assignments, prepare for tests, and feel more successful. Vicki was also cognizant of the importance of building relationships between tutors and students and tried her best to pair students with the same tutors while still accounting for the various topics students needed to cover in math and science. She and her tutors constantly sought feedback and offered valuable feedback to me as well. My students and I thoroughly appreciate the time and effort Vicki's team has put into our class and look forward to working with her in the future."

- J.Ferrer, AVID teacher, GVJH

"The tutors are incredibly helpful in AVID 8. There is no way I could have single handedly made the impact that the tutors made. The tutors allow me to individually impact student progress and also teach through small group experiences. Their math expertise in many areas also helps. It makes it possible to put students in groups based on the same teachers and levels. I have worked with another program. I would say this program is very organized. The tutors did not miss and if they did they reached out to let us know they would miss. The tutors had good ideas to improve the sessions. We had good feedback sessions that allowed us to adjust some of the tutoring norms like bringing more than one problem to sessions, not overlapping the same problems as other students in their groups and tracking student areas of need."

- D. H., AVID teacher, GVJH

"Students were able to receive additional support and were able to better understand math/science concepts much better with the one-on-one support. It also gave students the opportunity to engage and develop a rapport with other adults-- which can be tricky for some of them-- and build a relationship that they learned they could trust."

- J. Jimenez, FOS teacher, GVJH

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