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We just got awarded a contract from SBUSD to integrate the High Impact Tutoring Program with the district's Multi-Tier System of Support.  We continue to grow our impact to reach more students in the Santa Barbara area. Your generosity will help us reach that goal.

In 2021-2022 school year, we supported close to 200 students in SBUSD. We are currently supporting 11 classrooms in the SBUSD, which is about 300 students. 

Our students also won many awards in the 2022 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Junior High School division, including Best in Fair, Botany & Zoology, Behavioral, Cognitive & Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Physics, Electronics, & Computer Sciences,  Mechanical & Earth Sciences, Engineering, and various special awards.  

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Thomas & Sheila Cullen

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